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I live in Los Angeles, California. I live about ten minutes away from Hollywood.  Sometimes, I do my Marilyn Monroe impersonation in front of Mann's Chinese Theater.  I have been a legal secretary for five years.  I really enjoy my work.

I have two cats: Fluff, and Marion.    I also have two birds. ne is blue and named Sky and the other one is white and named Snowball.  I am also with the most wonderful man in the world, his name is Daniel.  I entered a Marilyn Monroe look a like contest last year on August 5, 2002 the 40th anniversary of Marilyn's death.  I received a special prize for my performance.  It was fun and I made a lot of new friends all over the world.  Feel free to make any comments in the guest book and I hope you enjoy the pictures. Sa La Ve!

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